Donation Information

Eiralize Lashes is extremely excited, and proud to be known as a donation-based company!

We would love to donate to all charities, however, we have chosen to start off with two.

One for sick children, and one geared, and focused on aboriginal related issues.

  • 1. Rogers Neilson House - CHEO Foundation
  • 2. Dream Catcher Foundation - Native owned

$1 (Canadian) from every pair of lashes sold will be equally donated to both charities. ($0.50 per charity)

*Every dollar donated, has been taken from our profit margin, and has been donated on your behalf*

Every month, we will gather the donations and make the contribution to both charities. All donations will be posted on our "Giving back!" page so we can communally appreciate everyone's role in giving back to the community ♥